Saturday, February 11, 2017

Some days

Some days ...

I just want to be living in Winnipeg again. Not that I'm unhappy. I have a great job. It's beautiful out here. We are close to the mountains. We have "our places" we like to go and would definitely miss those. The weather beats out Winnipeg weather most days, and the air has been good for my husband's health. We have a comfortable home to live in. There are people who care about us here. And probably if we were living elsewhere, we'd long to be here.

But, in Winnipeg, we both have a support network. There are others that I know would hit it off well with my husband. And here, it often feels like there is nobody that we can truly go to when things are tough. I mean, there are people we talk to and see regularly. But somehow, it's hard to interrupt others' lives with our 'stuff' ... or maybe we just don't feel comfortable doing that. If feels like we are not close enough with people that they would come to us as one of the first people if they were struggling ... and likewise, very few whom we truly feel like we can talk on the spur of the moment when times are tough. It feels like, for those whom I talk to, that I'm saying the same thing over and over. I don't want to come across like someone who is negative. I worry that others will think I am. I've been known to be the person who sees a silver lining in everything. I'm not sure I do anymore ... and that bothers me. I want to be the one encouraging others. But right now, I'm the one needing encouragement.

In Winnipeg (area), my family is going through tough times. It's hard to be here when they are there, going through what they're going through. Cancer is a bitch ... but at least my mom seems to be doing well with radiation. Depression is also probably as equal a bitch. And that seems to be affecting several people in my family as well. Thing is, I'm not sure that I'd be of any more help there than here.

Money is tight, but who knows if that would be any better elsewhere. My husband still hasn't gotten a job here ... the economic situation is pretty rough. It's not for lack of effort, though... which is super discouraging. We made the best decision we could, given the circumstances, to live here. But I often wonder what things would have been like had I been the one who moved. We've made it, though, every month. Some months are tighter than others. It looks like it will be starting to turn around in the next little while. Except if the landlord raises rent. That might be the turning point in us moving (if we choose to move). We're already overpaying by a large amount. More would not be ethical. Or a wise decision for us.

But, here, I have opportunities... to teach, to work full-time, to be a faculty member in the department of occupational therapy. And sometimes I feel selfish ... because I am the one with the opportunities... and I so badly want there to be just as good opportunities for my husband.

Some days ...

It seems that there are more opportunities elsewhere. School opportunities for both of us - but mostly my husband and one day for me. Opportunities to build our social support network, or rather, deep friendships, as we do have a social support network. Maybe even possibilities for work that we haven't considered or learned about.

Some days ...

It's just hard to stay put when it seems like nothing is moving forward.

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Vange said...

Yes, some days are harder than others, and we always wonder about the 'what if's'. I'm sorry you are finding yourself in such a place, but at the same time, what other way would we seek God and His will. I will be praying for you.