Friday, July 23, 2010

PB & J in a Can. Tasty.

Canned Sandwiches. Wow. What's next? Notice the slight note of sarcasm in the title? I suppose I shouldn't judge its taste without tasting it, though. I think I did a post way back when on a canned burger so it's probably not a new concept. Anyway, imagine eating a peanut butter and jam sandwich from a can. Interesting concept. The benefits of this sandwich are a long shelf life, no refrigeration required, and grab-and-go convenience.  All three of those 'benefits' make me wonder what kind of preservatives are in this product. I think it would be almost as fast to just make the sandwich from the other canned products - jam and peanut butter (ok, PB is not canned but still, it's a ready made product). And, whole wheat bread is so much tastier than white bread.

After hearing about this new product, I did some more research and came across this video.  Apparently, the peanut butter and the jam are in separate packages within the can and people still actually have to prepare the sandwich. The pepperoni pizza flavour has the pepperoni and sauce already prebaked into the bread. I do get the cleverness in the packaging. Put it in a can, then it can be sold in a typical pop vending machine.  Also, the can is sealed so the bacterial contamination is less likely. Still, I'm not entirely sold on the idea.

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