Tuesday, January 06, 2009

It's a new year

Reflections ....

The new year began with some disappointment, but I'm hoping this isn't an indication of what the year will become. As a result of the disappointment, it got me thinking about where I am. Maybe a sharp dose of reality. How MB isn't really home, and Calgary isn't really either. Sure, being at mom and dad's will always be home. But, it's not the same thing. There's definitely good things in both places. But like a message in church the other day was saying, maybe we, as Christians, don't ever really feel like we're at home. Or, maybe it's experiences like this ... transitions ... that help us remember or realize this. And, just to add, my trip to Winnipeg and area was good. It's just that my plans continued to fall through and the whole trip felt different in a way.

Weather (and a few other pics) of my recent trip to Winnipeg - the day of the storm:

Due to weather issues and plans falling through, I spent more time reflecting while I was away. I reviewed my journal and thought about what I'd like to work on this year and what was working last year. In other words, what should change and what should continue. As I have noted for several years, I need to take more care of myself - like get into a regular exercise routine and work on improving my diet. I've at least started on a good foot with that. I've started to track my exercise and my food intake ... at least to look for patterns. So far 50 min of exercise this week. I also want to try to live up to what I have outlined as my values. Basically, the other goals fall under that. Although I also will note I want to decrease my debt by another few thousand.

Being back at work proves to be interesting, once more. I guess life can never be dull there, huh.

On another note, Scrubs has new episodes. Yay! :)

And, here are a few pics I took from the plane on the way back. Oh, yeah ... and my flight back was also late. My flight to Winnipeg was late by 5 hours ... arrived at mom and dad's after 6 am. Due to weather issues in BC. My flight back, it was late because the luggage guys couldn't figure out how to pack the luggage in the cargo section. We had to sit on the plane while they tried to figure it out. We left close to an hour late. Maybe it was only 45 minutes or so.

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Rhonda said...

I love your photos! You are very artistic and have a good eye for composition.