Saturday, December 03, 2011

Music is healing to the soul

Today wasn't a bad day, but by the end of the evening I was feeling a little down. I guess I let it hit me that two of my good friends at work had their last day today - moving on to other things. And another good friend from work just got another job today and will be moving on. Things are changing. They're moving on to other things and I guess, in a way, although I had decided recently that I need to stay where I'm at for the time being, I feel like I want to be moving on to more exciting and new things. And I'll miss them. Work just won't be the same without them. And that's sad. I also got to thinking about some of my friends and I wonder how they're doing. It's been a while since we connected.

Just before I started blogging today, I was listening to some music by one of my current favourite artists - Jon Schmidt - as well as some other piano based music. I really paid attention to my feelings as I was listening. Music has a way of healing. But also of making me cry. I'm not sure those tears were tears of sadness, although I did notice I started processing how I was feeling and was able to write it down (see above). I'll post them below within this entry. If you get a chance, have a listen. Notice how you feel - what your emotions do - when listening to the songs. The song 'Bring Him Home' is so haunting. This is the song where I noticed I was tearing up. The Charlie Brown song literally made me laugh and feel so much joy. I listened to a few others and just let the music wash over me. It's neat when I take time to pay attention to what music does to me - how it can be so spiritually connecting.

Experience the joy I experienced while watching this video!

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