Monday, September 05, 2011


I can't believe how long it's been since I posted!

A lot has happened this summer.  In some ways, anyway. As I posted last time, I moved to a new place and it's working out well for me. It is probably the most accessible housing situation I've ever had. It comes at a hefty price, but it is still cheaper than living in the Beltline. Fortunately, I have steady income now. I had a few hiccups shortly after I moved. It seemed there was a power surge and my laptop and all peripherals died. I've revived the computer partially - enough to access my files, but I can't run any peripherals through it. I had to buy a new laptop, a new printer, a new usb hub, etc. But, I also learned, in the process, how to set up a network and how to do some technical things with the computer that I didn't know how to do before.
Good times! We couldn't get one where we were both fully in the picture. It was so funny!

I took a trip to Manitoba this summer again. It was a much needed trip. I also had some memorable experiences ...

The Klassens

The outhouse door
  • stopping at a rest area because I really need to use the facilities, only to find one of the doors to the outhouses was completely broken, and the other, where the door apparently didn't stay closed. I found that out the hard way, but fortunately, no one else showed up. Seriously, I have not had good outhouse experiences this year - the youth weekend back in May was also an example of this. Both times, I really needed to use the facilities so I just used them anyway.
  • seeing a broad variety of roadkill - porcupines, a fox-like animal but bigger than a fox, some very unrecognizable but large animals, several skunks, and probably more.
  • having an amazing time with God where he spoke to me about walking with me and how my heart is a garden and he is the gardener. Maybe I'll write a post about it and include a link to a few songs that fueled that conversation.
  • saying good-bye to the Patmobile and saying hello to my new(er) Rav4. This is a positive thing - the car did not die but was on its last legs. This new vehicle will allow for the installation of a scooter lift at some point in the future, which will greatly increase my independence. If only funding were available in this province to cover modifications!
  • seeing someone from highschool. That was a surprise.
  • a much needed massage.
  • going to a small town fair, taking pictures of the rides at night, and getting a henna tattoo.
  • driving fast down Hwy 8, passing lots of vehicles - right Greg? :) And of course Gimli beach and wave surfing.
  • fresh garden vegetables and fruit! Green beans, carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries... mmm.
  • spending time with family.
  • connecting with some dear people in my life. It feels so good to really connect. And to feel wanted and loved. The hugs are amazing too! It makes me want to be back in Winnipeg.
  • attending a beautiful wedding, seeing some extended family (and again the hugs), and the laughs during conversation. Oh, and taking random pictures. :)
  • Mojitos! The theme of my trip, apparently! :)
  • and of course, taking more pictures!
Other aspects of summer I enjoyed:
  • church family camp.
  • a visit from The Falks :) and the amazing Morrocan restaurant.
  • the beautiful warm summer - so unusual for Calgary.
  • watching Ultimate - go Raptors!
  • sitting on my patio.
  • the dragonflies.
  • Julie's visit in July and The Klassens visit in August.
  • living across from Global Fest and having a prime view of the fireworks. And of course, taking pictures. :)

The less pleasant aspects of this summer:
  • moving! Although I am SO thankful everything came together so well for the move. I had friends from so many different areas of my life help out so it ended up that nobody ended up doing all of it. This started from the packing up, to the moving, to the cleaning of the old and new place, to the unpacking. I really am blessed!
  • packing and unpacking! And sorting papers. Ok, that's all part of moving too. Did I mention moving?!
  • having to put out of a lot of unexpected money. Although I do enjoy the new versions of what I bought - the vehicle, the computer, the wireless printer.
  • feeling the stress of too many commitments on top of the life stressors such as moving, changes in work hours and responsibilities, etc.. I need to take care of myself in this way.
  • not getting to see Brittany much - only a couple minutes. You'll have to come visit!

The new and the old
I'm not ready for summer to end, although fall is full of possibilities. Fall looks like it will be super busy and I've been enjoying the more laid back summer. I will start teaching the mental health course at SAIT again in September in addition to working at the hospital and doing my veterans work. The youth year will also be starting up at about the same time. I really do hope I can balance my life to take time for self care, exercise, friends and music, on top of other commitments I had previously. I know for my personal and spiritual wellness, I need to make time to get out into nature. take pictures, and to connect with people on a personal level. The long drive by myself to Manitoba was so needed on a spiritual level! Not only did I get out of the city, but I listened to music, I prayed, I stopped as I wanted to take pictures, and I relaxed. These are all important parts of my life. If things get too crazy, I will have to figure out what I can cut out so I stay well in all aspects of my life.

Regarding all the picture taking I mentioned - I haven't sorted through or uploaded all my pictures yet, but here are a few pictures to get you started. I have a few entries in mind that I want to write about as I've been thinking about some things. I do hope I have time, or rather, that I make time, to write and post these entries because blogging is also a very good spiritual and personal wellness exercise. But for today, I will end this post. I am frustrated because I can't seem to get the pictures to line up properly, so unfortunately, this post may look a little scattered. Nevertheless, Enjoy!

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