Saturday, April 02, 2011

I must be doing better ...

A few minutes ago, I was reflecting on something. This past week, I've taken some 'me time' a couple times. I think I've been living life at break-neck speed, doing something pretty much every day and just not taking time for 'quiet time' and 'me time'. I've been thinking a lot lately about priorities in life. Last weekend was 'earth hour'. I took time to shut down everything electronic and turned off the lights, spending the evening alone with candlelight, my journal, my Bible, and, of course, my camera. It had been a month since I last journaled. I enjoyed taking pictures of the candlelight and the way the candles made shadowy patterns on the walls. I'm sure I took about 100 pictures (no exaggeration!). Mind you, most of those pics did not turn out because I was trying to get shadows that were constantly moving with each flicker of the candles. Still, it was fun. Yesterday and today, I got in the mood for taking pictures again. And I realized ... I'm doing better than I have been. Taking pictures helps me with my overall well-being. I don't think I had noticed my overall well-being slipped somewhat. Today, I found myself standing outside, without a jacket in the falling snow, taking pictures and enjoying it. I had been very frustrated with the snow outside, particularly earlier today. This morning, it looked like the stairs were a ramp instead of individual stairs, and the path I use to get to my car was quite deep as well. I was glad for my canes to give me balance as the slushiness under the snow was giving way and my feet were slipping with each step. So, I was surprised when, as I was coming in from my car, a car zoomed by and totally covered me in slush. I actually started smiling. Almost laughing. And I found myself looking forward to going back outside with camera in hand after changing my clothes. I didn't venture far, as it's not exactly the safest for me to be walking about today, but I got some neat pictures.

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