Sunday, February 27, 2011

What Super Hero Am I?

What Super Hero am I? I went to a Super Hero party a couple weeks ago. I dressed up as a Super Hero and the picture below was my cape. After a few guesses, I will post my Super Hero name. Isn't the symbol cool, though? I found the picture and basically printed it off in black and white to change the colour composition from blue and white and coloured in the white parts my favourite colour - orange. It kind of goes with some nicknames I've had in the past, namely Speedy and most recently Spitfire. This picture is now posted on my office door at work.

Hint: look at the big 'W' on the design.

Super W_______ to the rescue!!!!


Kathy said...

Super Wheelie is my guess.

patti said...

Well, since I didn't get more responses, I'll post what I was dressed as. Kathy, you were close. It was 'Super Wheels'. With the angle of how I took the picture and how it was stuck to the cape, it does look like the wheelchair is doing a wheelie, though. :D