Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bathroom fixtures

Some of you who have stayed at my place for one reason or another might remember the tub faucet situation. The shower and the tub faucet both pour water when trying to shower. Also, the little knobby to turn the shower on is difficult to use. Hard to turn on because you play and play with it to get the tub faucet to stop running and hard to turn off because it still comes out both ends. And when you turn the faucet on, there is water coming from above too, even when the shower itself is not turned on.

But no more .... hopefully. A plumber is here. He fixed the clogged drain and put a new diverter in. Apparently, I'm getting new taps too. We'll see about that. The fixtures were from the 70's and they couldn't find replacement parts to match the old parts. My care taker said that had they not come in today, I might have had a huge problem with the cold water. Some 'O' ring was almost completely worn out. I went to go look at his handiwork. The knobby is still the same but is sitting higher. Hopefully it won't be as finicky to turn on and off. The taps are new and shiny. Pretty plain and boring. But what can I do or say about that ... I do live in an apartment. Strange, though, the tub faucet is now dripping and it didn't before. Maybe it's just emptying the pipes and will stop as soon as there is no more water near by.

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