Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Memories of Summer

I haven't been very faithful in keeping up the blog this summer. I've had a few opportunities to get out of town for the day, the weekend, to a week or two. I've seen some beautiful places. And gained some new memories. And, hopefully, summer is not over yet!!!

Kitsilano Beach (or maybe Jericho Beach?), Vancouver
(if you know which beach this is, please let me know and I will correct this)
June 2008

Doesn't this log look like a creepy, evil frog?

Notice the log ... "Patricia's log"

Stanley Park, Vancouver

June 2008

Church Camp, Camp Kuriakas (on Sylvan Lake)
June 2008

Latino Festival
July 2008

August 2008

Mountain Aire Lodge
August 2008

See the 5-legged cow? :D Ok, maybe not.

Family Time ... and Mom & Dad's backyard
August 2008

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Lynette said...

Those are amazing pictures Patty! You are an excellent photographer!