Monday, July 04, 2011

A New Chapter ... or maybe just a new page

As some of you know, I'm moving once again. Later on today (as it's after midnight), in fact. It's been amazing how people have come forward to help me out. Yes, I had to initially ask. However, I'm seeing friends who seem to want to help - coming from many different areas of my life. I need help with all aspects of moving from packing to the actual move to the unpacking. Connections through work, international students, church, family, my small group, music involvement, movie and book discussion nights, etc. Initially, I had some concerns, as I realized that much of my small group is not really around anymore, or some are simply so busy right at the moment- and the group has been such a strong support in my previous moves. This time, I'm seeing more diverse people, which is cool. And, I think, this speaks to my conscious effort to connect with people both in church and in other areas of my life. So far, the packing process has also been a way to connect with various people. When my cousin was over the other night, we packed several boxes, but we talked for 3 hours in the process. I guess this diversity also speaks to being involved in more things than I have been previously.

In many ways, this is a new chapter, or at least turning a page in the book of my life. I will be saying good-bye to the couple upstairs who have become my friends. They are moving as well, and not just relocating within Calgary but moving across the province to the north. I'm also moving into an apartment where I have no idea what to expect other than that it seems like a nice place to live. My finances will, once again, look different. This rent is double what I'm paying now. However, it seems inevitable. At least it's cheaper than my place in the Beltline.

In other areas, I'm seeing some changes happening - I'm hoping they are all for the good of everyone. At times, though, it may be hard. I hope that, somehow, some aspects will be very welcome and very good in my life. I've done some reflecting and praying, particularly last night. It seemed like God was speaking to me about some stuff. I sat outside for a couple hours, just thinking, praying, and looking up at the stars. I made some decisions personally. Interestingly, the timing seemed perfect, as I heard some news today that just reaffirmed my decisions and thoughts. I felt good about it, on the one hand, and on the other, I have no idea how things will go from here. If some of the realizations I came to are, in fact, true, I don't know what steps to take. I just have to trust God has a plan and that he will present the opportunities and that I will take those opportunities as he provides. Today, I had two glimpses of potential opportunities through conversations. I also had some other conversations with complete strangers that were so encouraging. It felt like I am doing something right in my life, and that I should continue to dream and act on those dreams. So, in a way, I feel hopeful. This has nothing to do with moving. Still, it seems to all have occurred in one weekend. I'm glad I feel hopeful. At the same time, it feels like everything is so out of my reach and I don't know how I will get there.

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