Friday, December 31, 2010

It's New Year's Eve

... and I don't know what I'll do tonight. In a way, I feel like just staying home. But I also want to see people I haven't seen in a while. Then again, some of those aren't around anyway or wouldn't go to any party or function. I don't exactly have many options, but I do have a couple. I can go to a potluck / drum circle and I can go to a party that I hear everyone is invited to from church but I actually haven't heard any details about. I know people were called but I guess I was missed. I know it's not a personal thing - getting missed, that is. There is also the possibility that I could get together with one of my friends. To me, that's the most appealing option, but we haven't connected so I don't know if she's even up for it. Right now, I'm thinking I'll go to the potluck (that is, if I can figure out what I'll bring that I can afford to buy - money is still tight at least for another couple weeks). Then, depending on the friend or how I'm feeling energy wise, I may go to the other party. Or maybe I'll just end up coming home. I don't know.

I do want to do my annual review of my goals to see if they still make sense and to see how far I've come with some of them. I'm afraid I didn't really meet any goals last year. But I will have to remind myself and be gracious to myself if I haven't accomplished any goals. It was a tough year in many ways and many things that happened were not expected - good or not so good. In other words, things didn't happen according to any plan. Maybe it's ok to have a year here and there that just don't follow any plan and where I don't accomplish anything that I hoped to. In reality, things happened and I've gotten somewhere. I know that I can feel good about the fact I've worked hard to make things happen. And I can feel good that I focused a lot on building and rebuilding relationships. That's not exactly measurable, but still important. I do know one thing for the next year - I'm going to have to figure out how to balance things a little better so I don't get stressed out. I have a lot going on now - and not in a bad way. I will have to decide what to focus on and what I can let go of. That will take wisdom and an ability to hear God's voice in providing guidance with that. I hope that, in reviewing the year, I don't get discouraged by many of the things that were so difficult. I'm hoping to write a post after I review my past year and comment on the year.

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