Monday, August 30, 2010

Today's Box Store Experience

Today I went to A Box Store (which shall remain nameless to prevent any chance of indirect advertising) to pick up a few household items. I don't like going there for many reasons. I hate the atmosphere and attitude of the shoppers who feel they don't need to watch out for others around them. I hate it when they don't look where they're going and walk straight into my wheelchair and get upset with me for just being in the aisle unless I quite loudly say, "Excuse Me" or "Watch out". I also don't like the long lines and the overall general lack of service. Today, as I was shopping, I actually was thinking, "This is pretty good. People haven't been rude, especially considering it was a back-to-school shopping frenzy. Staff were even offering help." In particular, I appreciated the kind gentleman who was working in the jewelry area. I needed a new watch battery. He didn't normally work in the area and quite openly shared he knew nothing about the area. However, he took the time to help me get a new watch battery. He wouldn't open up the watch for fear he might wreck it, but he provided the tools so I could do this. He offered to close it back up for me too. I also like the fact that when two individuals tried to skip the checkout line by paying for their items at the jewelry counter, he redirected them to the checkout lines as he was busy helping 'this nice lady' or something to that effect. After all that, it was too bad the watch didn't work with the new battery in place. I don't blame him, though. It's not his fault. The shoppers in general were even friendly. One lady offered that I could go in front of her in the line. So, I was planning to write this blog post about my surprisingly good experience at a store where I generally do not have good experiences. I really do take great efforts to avoid shopping at this store and will only go when I need specific items that I know are much cheaper here. I was planning out my blog entry as I was in line. A line that only had 4 people in front of me! Then, I pay for my purchases. That all goes well. So far, the blog entry is looking pretty positive in my mind.

Then I ask for a bag to put the toilet paper rolls in. I know for a fact the store has really large bags. They work especially well to hang off the back of my wheelchair, which is why I asked for this bag. The guy responds, "What, are you stupid?!" I respond with, "Excuse me? What did you say?" No response, of course. He didn't give me a bag either.

Honestly, instead of feeling offended, I actually found it funny. Of course, I didn't want him to know I found it funny. I didn't laugh until I was far enough away for him not to hear me. And, to be honest, no customer service employee should EVER say such a thing to any customer! The comment caught me by surprise, which is maybe why I found it funny. Maybe I found it funny because there had to be at least one thing that maintained the regular reputation of why I avoid going to this store as much as possible!

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