Saturday, August 14, 2010

Photo shoot with Pigs

So, the story goes like this. I was driving down Penner Street in Blumenort (the tiny community my parents live in) with my niece. I see something in front of us on the road.
Getting ready to attack?

Patti: What's that in the road?
Kaia [squeals]: Pigs!!!
Patti: Quick! Give me my camera!

I get maybe one picture in, and a black SUV turns onto the street and tries to herd the pigs onto the meat processing plant yard. Yes, there is a meat processing plant right in town limits. In fact, it's about a block from where my parents live. Come to think of it, no wonder it smells so bad in their town on some days. Back to the story. We follow the pigs onto the yard. Kaia suggests I use my big camera and she use my small camera. Afterall, I've taught her well.  She loves taking pictures, almost as much as I do, although she may not take pictures of some of the oddities that I've taken pictures of. We sat there on the yard, with some pigs coming close to the car to investigate and some hanging out in the big semi trailer ruts on the yard having a mud bath.  Here is a sampling of pictures I took. You can link to Kaia's blog to see her pics and a video she took.

Pigs apparently love mud baths

I'm not dirty enough. I need to roll around in the mud more!
Some guy came to try to herd the pigs in. This pig got sprayed with the powerful washer hose.
This pig needs to be sprayed clean!
More mud bath shots

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