Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stroke of luck

As some of you know, my car has a history of getting broken into, so I have a plan that seems to work that prevents me from having broken windows. This week, someone was in my car again. Instead of taking anything, they seem to have left a loonie behind. Nice stroke of luck for me, I'd say. :D This time, it seemed a little different. Instead of looking in all my compartments and leaving them open, they opened my glove compartment and left only that one open. It wasn't even all emptied out on the seat, as usual. It must have been within half an hour of me getting to my car in the morning because the light was still on. Makes me think it was an internal job, looking for my insurance papers or something. I don't leave personal information in my car or anything of value. There was virtually no mess this time. Except for a Timmies cup that somehow was not in the garbage bag.

On another occasion, the thief / vandalist left behind a really fancy, heavy pen. That was one of the times my window got broken. Since I had to pay for a new window that time, I figure I deserve the concession. They haven't really taken much from my car. A pair of sunglasses once. My cane once (when I forgot to bring it inside). That cane was free for me, anyway - don't worry, it wasn't the duck of death. It was a cheap one. I guess I had to pay for the replacement of that one. And, a mitten was taken once. Leaving behind the other one from the pair. Oh, and a breakfast bar once. All of this is cheaper than paying for a new window each time.

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