Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone want an armchair?

We (my roommate and I) got our new furniture today! Time to retire the old .... Anyone want an armchair? We came across the furniture when one of the local stores was liquidating. I'm surprised we found this furniture ... and at such a good price. We paid about $600 for the pair ... regularly priced at $1400. Most of the furniture in this store was closer to $4000.

Here are the before and after pictures.


The old green chair from mom and dad's that I've always loved. It was a perfect homework chair. The armrests worked well as a desk. And, if short on chairs, at least 3 people could sit on this chair. Haha. The fact that the cushion is disintegrating, with fine powder seeping through the fabric, leaving a dusty trail when lifting up the cushion, may be a slight indication it's time for new furniture. The first picture is kind of an 'after' picture, as, I figured a while ago that maybe I should give the chair some dignity and give it some sort of covering. It is an 'after' picture because I took the cover off yesterday to prepare for the new furniture coming in. I was surprised that my roommate didn't know what I meant by the "green" chair at first. I realize she'd actually never seen the ugliness of the green.

And, of course, the chair with it's covering. It's not that much more beautiful but it covers the rips in the fabric. And, beside it, my beanbag chair. It has also received a new cover. Some of you may remember the old red vinyl thing. Mom made a nice cover for that. Then the vinyl completely leaked. So, off to the store for a new bag and new stuffing. Wait, that's an entire new beanbag. Haha. Ok, nevermind. Anyway, I still have the newish beanbag chair. It is now tucked between the couch and chair, set a little further back.

the AFTER pictures ... the NEW LEATHER FURNITURE! :D

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