Sunday, October 19, 2008

New bed

This post won't be super interesting for most of you, but some people have asked for some pictures of what it looks like and whether there's still room to walk around, etc. So, here are a few pics. Just keep in mind, I still need to clean up some and get a shelf for some books.

And, man, it's lots of work to make up a larger bed. Someone commented, did you get it "maid up"? I thought, at first, it was a joke and thought, "what a great idea. a maid would be nice". I think it was a spelling mistake, though. I bought a queen size sheet and a king size sheet, but the queen size sheet was being used in the other room, and I realized the corner space on the sheet was not deep enough for the bed, so the extra width of the king size would be needed. Unfortunately, it's not neat fitting ... had to tuck in bunches under the mattress. Oh well.

Here is the bed with the mattress protector on, and below, various stages of making the bed and angles of the room.

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grelie said...

Nice bed. :)