Saturday, October 18, 2008

A little of this, a little of that ...

Not much has happened over that past week other than the fact I was sick for close to a week, but not real sick. Just feeling generally not well. That got better by Tuesday-ish, Wednesday-ish. I bought a new bed last Friday and expect it to be delivered tomorrow sometime. I have a new roommate and things seem to be going well with that. Oh, yeah, and one of the guests (clients) called me an 'angel' and a 'bomb' in almost the same sentence on camera. I think 'bomb' was supposed to be a good thing. Still, amusing. I don't have a lot else to add.

So, I thought I'd mention a book I'm enjoying. I have been reading 'Blue Like Jazz' by Don Miller. It's made me think a lot. The book discusses a lot about how we are not meant to be individuals living alone in this world, amongst other topics. At one point, the author talks about how it's important, even for single people, to be living in community. I think reading this book has helped me prepare for a roommate. But, beyond that, it suggests that by practicing to love other people and by living in community with others, we learn how to receive love. We need to be able to receive love to understand the concept of love and better understand what it means to love God and BE LOVED by God. I had never thought of this. I was struck by a thought a couple weeks ago ... or, more, by a feeling. I had some friends helping me clean out my place in preparation for the roommate and I had a moment of panic. I thought, "Oh no, they'll know what I'm really like". I was sharing this thought with another friend today and she said the [probably obvious but not to me] obvious comment that the fact I'm not neat and tidy or the fact I have way too many things is not really high on the importance level for people to like me. I know it's not really that big a deal, but the idea of people knowing me well is scary. I share a lot, personal stuff, but there are parts of me that people don't know and it's scary to let people in. Maybe this author of the book has a point. By living in community, or by sharing a place with someone, you allow yourself to be vulnerable. They will see the good and bad, and [hopefully], continue to like you and grow in relationship. Maybe until we are able to receive that love, unconditional love and friendship, it is difficult, or maybe even impossible, to really understand what it means that God loves us. Maybe that's never really possible, but maybe, by getting a small snippet that people do love me unconditionally when they see me for the good and not so good, I can gain a snippet more of an understanding of God's love. This is only one of the topics in the book. The book brings a freshness to my way of thinking and it was definitely refreshing to read this book.

On another note, I am currently also enjoying listening to a Korean pianist, Yiruma. Beautiful and simple. Most likely difficult to play, but it sounds simple. :) I found some sheet music so I think I'll try to learn some of the songs.

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