Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I thought it was Chicken

Today, I was having lunch with my boss and one of the guests. I noticed my boss looking at me in an odd way a couple times, but thought nothing of it. My plate of food was good... Shepherd's Pie, some salad, and a piece of what looked like barbecued chicken.

I started off by cutting off a piece of my chicken with a fork and knife. Thought it was kind of sweet with a cinnamon flavour. I had a few bites of other food, then continued to eat my chicken. As I was eating my chicken, I was thoughtfully thinking it was quite a unique flavour mix for chicken. The chicken was quite dry. Not a typical texture for any kind of food. I thought it might be some meat roll.

Halfway through my piece of chicken, I commented the flavour was unique, kind of cinamonny. My boss burst out laughing. His laugh is distinct ... everyone knows it's him when he laughs. He informed me I was eating a cinnamon breadstick roll that was supposed to be my dessert and he had been eyeing one but they wouldn't give him one in the food line up. I was just a wee bit embarrassed. He went on to say quite loudly, "You thought it was a meat roll, didn't you!" And laughed some more. Quite loudly and boisterously. He then proceeded to ensure that many other staff and guests knew what happened, walking to at least one other table to share the story. In particular, to the ones who would ensure I would never hear the end of it. He figures I will never live this incident down. I'm sure with my co-workers, I won't.

Ah well, I'm a good sport. I had a good laugh too! I am still laughing when I think about it. The moment was priceless! By the end, my boss was getting used to the idea that I was eating 'meat'. He acknowledged it looked a bit like meat, particularly when he compared it to the larger cinnamon roll he was given when he went back through the line to get the cinnamon breadstick roll he had been eyeing. Seriously the saucy appearance on the outside looked like a sauce had been brushed on it during the "BBQ process".

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